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Is it free to join Green Street?

It’s FREE to join as a household or individual. You’ll have access to all Level 1 resources, Green Street community pages, and any special offers for members. We won’t ask you for any payment information and you can stay a free member for as long as you want.

If you represent a business or organisation, you pay a small annual subscription. Select the ‘business’ member type when you sign up and choose an account tier to suit your organisation size (see pricing). Note: if your business joins with a free Green Home membership you will NOT get a listing in the Business Directory. A small annual subscription gives you lots more resources and allows multiple people in your organisation to access higher-level features.

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What's the difference between the membership tiers?

The different membership tiers allow Green Street members to access relevant resources and benefits. The ‘Green Home’ tier is designed for households and is free to all. The other accounts are for businesses and organisations and require an annual subscription (see pricing).

  1. ‘Green Home’ is for households and individuals. It gives you access to the Green Street community and Level 1 resources, designed to help you learn and take action to be more sustainable at home or work.
  2. ‘Green Organisation’ is for smallish businesses with less than 50 staff. It gives access to all the Green Home resources, plus extra Level 2 resources such as sustainability planning templates, policy guides and a listing in the business directory (subject to eligibility – see the FAQ about how to list your business).
  3. ‘Sustainable Enterprise’ is for medium and larger organisations with 50+ staff. It includes all the benefits of the other levels, plus additional Level 3 resources for enterprises who are serious about embedding sustainability into their organisation.

If you know what sort of guidance or resources you need but aren’t sure of which account tier will offer that, see the Resource Finder. It summarises some key needs and matches these to Green Street resources.

Please note Green Street reserves the right to modify, terminate or amend the membership account levels at any time (see terms and conditions).

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I've joined Green Street – how do I get started?

After joining, we recommend the first thing to do is your Green Street Score. That calculates your carbon footprint and gives you a benchmark to work from, highlighting areas where simple actions could make a difference. It also prompts you to pledge to take action in one or two areas.

Next, check the Green Street Badges for guidance on specific strategies to follow. See which ones you qualify for (or could aim to earn). Take a look at Green Tips for simple strategies and links to helpful info sources.

If you represent a business or organisation, we recommend you look at the 10 Steps Towards Sustainability to visualise your journey, then use the Sustainability Roadmap to identify priorities and plot your course.

For guidance on getting the most from Green Street, please see:

What's the Community Wall, and what can I post there?

Green Street Community Wall posts are a simple way of sharing tips, progress, news and questions. This sort of sharing can inspire other members to keep having a go at being sustainable.

You can add a post via your profile page or from the Community Wall Latest Posts page. The posts are only visible to signed-in members. If you join or create a group, you can add posts that will be seen by members of that group.

What to post

Feel free to post any news or thoughts about sustainability and related issues. For example, you could tell everyone that you’ve found a great way to use waste that was previously discarded or a strategy to cut energy use. Or maybe you’ve got a specific problem and want to see if anyone has got ideas to help.

As well as adding posts, you can comment on other members’ posts. Currently, the system does not send notifications, so we recommend you check the website regularly if you’re awaiting responses.

What not to post

Do not breach the privacy of others or make defamatory, unsubstantiated or disrespectful remarks. Don’t add solely promotional posts for a business, or try to manipulate search engines for SEO purposes (we will delete spam posts). Similarly, don’t post general news that is not related to sustainability (other social media channels are better for that).

It is important to keep all posts and comments relevant, respectful and on topic.

Posts or comments deemed to be spam, solely promotional, offensive or trying to manipulate search engines will be deleted (see Terms & Conditions)

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Community of people

How can I promote my business on Green Street?

There are a few different ways to promote your business on Green Street. These include a directory listing, member offers, badge/content sponsorship, and approved partner arrangements. For more details, see Information for sponsors.

The Green Street Business Directory is a simple but effective way to promote your business to climate-conscious customers. To appear in the directory, your organisation must meet certain conditions (see info about business directory listings).

If you want to provide a special offer, we’ll need details of the offer (e.g. timing, product/service info) and any associated resources such as the logo, marketing images or discount codes.

All sponsorship and promotion opportunities are subject to negotiation and availability, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!

For more information, please see:

How sustainable are the businesses listed in the directory?

To appear in the Green Street Business Directory, an organisation must have done its Green Street Score and earned at least one Green Street Badge.

You can see an organisation’s score and badges on their profile page. The Green Street scores and badges are based on globally verified sustainability criteria, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact.

However, it’s up to the business to declare their progress honestly when calculating their score or determining which badges they have earned. You can judge how sustainable they are to some extent by looking at their score and badges. More importantly, look at what they say about their approach, products, services, materials, projects and policies. Check their website, social media, Green Street profile and posts/comments for insights on their ethics, strategies and sustainability progress.

The emphasis is on having a go at being sustainable, rather than having the lowest carbon score or the most badges. Sustainability is a journey, and by supporting businesses who are having a go, we can help them contribute to a sustainable economy and community.

For more information, please see:

How do I list my business in the Green Street Business directory?

To be eligible to appear in the Green Street Business Directory, you must be signed up to Green Street as a business, with a Green Organisation or Sustainable Enterprise account (see pricing).

Once signed up, you must do your Green Street Score and earn at least one Green Street Badge. If you meet those conditions, your business will automatically be listed in the directory.

You can edit your score and badges via your profile page. To ensure your listing is accurate, check your profile contact information. Edit your profile privacy settings to display contact details such as telephone number, street address and email. (These are not displayed on your public profile unless you turn them on).

For more information, please see:

Can I adapt, share or rebrand Green Street resources?

Generally speaking, no you can’t copy Green Street resources. All content on this website is the intellectual property of Green Street or other original content creators. The Green Street Terms & Conditions spell out the legalities relating to your use of the Green Street website and all its content and resources.

However, some resources are designed for you to customise and share within your organisation or community (such as templates, checklists or event invitations). Look for Creative Commons licence information on each resource for specific usage terms.

Licensing resources for commercial use

If you would like to use Green Street resources commercially (for example to support your work as a management consultant, sustainability advisor or workplace educator), ask us about the potential for licensing or white labelling.

Licensing or adapting a ready-made set of proven resources is a cost-effective way to add expertise to a business offering. Or you may be interested in one particular resource that dovetails nicely with your services.

We’re open to offers and keen to partner with like-minded organisations, so please get in touch!

For more information, please see:

Please see the Support page for videos and guidance on using Green Street, or contact us if you have further questions.

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