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The Natural Step

The Natural Step
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The Natural Step is a universally agreed summary of what makes a sustainable business or society. It identifies four system conditions used to make appropriate decisions.

Information is available via the Natural Step website, but Green Street consultancy partners can train facilitators and managers via Natural Step workshops, and provide material for facilitators to train others.

Natural Step - 4 conditions


Help decision-makers to define the organisation's future position and make appropriate decisions to create opportunities for short and long-term sustainability. For example, The Natural Step conditions can inform procurement decisions, leading to more responsible purchasing.

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Who it’s for

Business or community managers and staff, management or environmental consultants, and anyone who considers themself a climate-conscious consumer.

What you’ll need

A desire to think strategically and make clear, informed decisions.

What’s included
  • Presentation with a brief overview of The Natural Step's 4 system conditions and what they mean in real terms
  • A link to information about the Natural Step
  • Access to Natural Step workshops available from sustainability consultancy partners (at consulting rates)
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