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Sustainability Roadmap

Sustainability roadmap
Level 2

The Sustainability Roadmap is an online tool and step-by-step guide to developing sustainable businesses and community enterprises. The roadmap identifies four stages, with ten actions for each stage.

It starts with a survey, to help you set a starting point and prioritise sustainability actions. A wealth of Green Street resources support each step of the journey in an integrated, manageable way, as described in the accompanying Journey Companion guide.


The Roadmap provides a clear, practical framework for assessing, planning and tracking sustainability progress. It is based on proven research and best practice, having evolved from a version developed by a collaboration of business, government and sustainability professionals.

It is supported by resources designed to address the intertwined strands of sustainability (engagement, footprint, innovation, and systems). The Roadmap forms the basis of the sustainability planning template for micro-businesses and sustainability planning for enterprises.

Sustainability Roadmap - Journey Companion The Journey Companion is a guide to resources for the four stages of the Sustainability Roadmap

Who it’s for

Businesses, not-for-profit enterprises, or community organisations who want to embed sustainability into their organisation. You do NOT have to be a sustainability expert to follow the roadmap – it is designed to be used by anyone interested in developing their organisation's sustainability practices.

What you’ll need

There are no prior requirements for using the roadmap – just a commitment to start (or continue on) your sustainability journey. As with any journey, it helps to know where you are starting from, so we advise starting with the Sustainability Roadmap Survey.

To access this resource, you must be a business/workplace member of Green Street with a current subscription (see pricing).

What’s included
  • An online survey tool with 40 questions that assess progress (4 stages, 10 questions in each stage). Displays interim scores at each stage and guidance at the end
  • The survey can be done by multiple participants in your organisation (anonymously if they want to)
  • Survey participants can choose to receive a copy of the results via email
  • A detailed 'Journey companion' digital booklet explains each of the 40 points on the roadmap. This links to relevant Green Street Resources and external resources to help your enterprise advance along the road to sustainability.

Sustainability Roadmap items

How to access this resource
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