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Sustainability quizzes

Sustainability Quizzes
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These online quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of sustainability in a fun way. Each quiz is based on a specific topic, such as recycling, sustainable business and pet care.

We can also develop custom quizzes for organisations – to embrace more topics, connect to learning activities or customise content/style for specific audiences.


The aim of each quiz is to engage interest and enhance learning about personally relevant aspects of sustainability. A quiz provides a safe, fun way to learn.

For example, do you know how much poop a medium-sized dog produces in a year? Do the sustainable pet care quiz to find out...!

Dog pooping

Who it’s for

Each quiz is targeted at different people, although everyone can have a go! For instance, the pet care quiz is fun even if you're not a pet owner. The business quiz is of course relevant to business owners but is also of value to employees, and the recycling quiz applies to people at work and home.

Sustainable business quiz

What you’ll need

You just need a desire to learn, access to the Internet on a computer or mobile device, and about 5 minutes to do a quiz!

What’s included

See below for links to online quizzes, each with a sequence of multiple choice questions. When you answer each question, you'll see immediate feedback on your response, explaining the correct answers. At the end of the quiz, you'll see your overall score.

If you commission a custom quiz for your organisation, you will also have access to reports and graphs of responses. The work to research and write custom quiz questions, and implement them as a quiz, would be conducted on a consultancy basis. For more info, please see Sustainability consultancy.

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