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Sustainability Facilitator Program

Sustainability Facilitator Program
Level 3

A learning program to develop sustainability knowledge and facilitation skills of managers, staff, community leaders, management consultants and anyone who wants to help build a sustainable organisation or community.

The learning program is personalised, recognising that everyone’s personal or professional needs and capacities are different, as is everyone’s workplace or community. After an initial start-up program, you can choose which of the three strands offered provides the best opportunity to develop your facilitation skills and sustainability knowledge.

It is a hybrid program where you can access resources online but you also get to engage with program leaders and other participants online and/or face-to-face. You’ll benefit from engaging with the learning facilitator and a cohort of people with similar circumstances and needs.



The program prepares facilitators to guide and support sustainability activities in their organisation or community. It also supports management consultants who wish to develop their sustainability facilitation capability.

More specifically, the Sustainability Facilitators Program aims to guide participants about:

  • What causes people to change their thinking and actions about sustainable living and working
  • Practical processes and tools to support changes to people’s thinking and actions
  • Working in a collaborative network to reflect on and improve the way we encourage, promote and facilitate sustainable practices
  • Where to go to get support, share experiences or find out more
Who it’s for

The Sustainability Facilitator Program is for people in workplaces and communities who are motivated to help others to become more sustainable. You could be a manager, trainer, group leader, sustainability consultant, or simply a member of an organisation or community group who is keen to develop their own skills and make a positive difference.

Ideally, more than one person from an organisation or community would participate in the program, to benefit from shared learning experiences and mutual support.

What you’ll need

Participants will have different levels of sustainability knowledge and facilitation skills. The program caters to this by offering a choice of strands that focus on specific aspects. The main requirement for all participants is a commitment to improve sustainable practices and facilitate change within their organisation or community.

Participants will need the support of their workplace or community organisation. For the program to be effective, the organisation should have:

  • The motivation to engage with its staff/members and supply chain in order to develop more sustainable practices
  • At least one staff member (and preferably two or more) willing and able to undertake the program
  • The capacity and leadership to follow through, to provide ongoing support to the facilitators.
What’s included
  • Start-up program to ascertain the experience, knowledge and learning aims of participants*
  • Three program strands to choose from, ranging from 8 to 30 hours of learning and coaching*
  • Resource readings relevant to the learning needs of participants in each program strand
  • Facilitator kit with activity guides and handouts for participants to adapt for their own use
  • Follow-up mentoring is available via sustainability consultancy to support ongoing development of facilitators.

* The program begins with a start-up process to help participants plan their way ahead, followed by a selection of program strands to suit people with different skills and motivations. These strands vary in duration, format, and content. Participants choose the strand that matches their current skill level and meets their learning aims. You can wait till after the start-up program to decide which strand will suit you best.

Note: The program is available to Level 3 Green Street members. As the learning is personalised, the program cost is NOT included in the Level 3 subscription but is offered at a reduced rate (see Pricing).

To access the full program details and register for an upcoming program, please see the links below. Remember, you must first join or log in as a Level 3 member.

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