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Sustainability Accountabilities

Sustainability Accountabilities
Level 2

Examples of sustainability accountabilities you can embed in role descriptions for staff, managers and supply chain businesses.


To make roles and responsibilities clear, and embed sustainability into job descriptions and reward mechanisms.

Also can be used as an assessment of the capacity of others in your supply chain to act sustainably.

Who it’s for

Leaders, HR managers, business managers and staff in business or community organisations of all sizes.

What you’ll need

A commitment and capacity to collaborate with staff and managers to agree on an aspirational set of sustainability accountabilities for all people in the organisation.

To access this resource, you need a current Green Street subscription as a workplace/enterprise (see pricing).

What’s included
  • A list of sustainability accountabilities relevant to climate-conscious organisations. Select or adapt these to suit your own organisation, industry or sustainability goals. Refine them in consultation with staff and other stakeholders, and add them to job role descriptions.
  • Access to mentoring is available via sustainability consultancy to facilitate the process of developing and agreeing on sustainability accountabilities.
How to access this resource
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