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Strategic Questioning

Strategic Questioning
Level 1

A practical guide explaining how to engage people in organisations or communities by asking the right type of questions. The guide discusses how to ask questions that help with understanding of the issues before digging deeper with strategic questions.


This guide is particularly helpful when you want to learn about a problem, analyse ways of solving it, and develop human-focused strategies for change.

Who it’s for

Managers, consultants and facilitators

What you’ll need

A commitment to explore and develop facilitation skills when engaging people in a positive way. These skills include the ability to listen, reflect and respond to people's comments and concerns while respecting each person as an individual.

What’s included
  • Strategic Questioning guideA simple, easy-to-follow paper on Strategic Questioning (edited from an open-source resource prepared by Fran Peavy)
  • Access to mentoring available via sustainability consultancy to facilitate the development of strategic questioning skills
How to access this resource
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