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SPART survey tool

SPART survey
Level 3

Green Street’s Sustainability Perception And Reporting Tool (SPART) is  a web-based survey tool that allows organisations to track how customers, staff and other stakeholders perceive their sustainability performance.

The tool is based on the respected Global Reporting Initiative and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The survey questions can be customised to reflect priority areas for focus within the international benchmarks.


Analysing the survey reports helps to inform future sustainability actions. As well as measuring what people think about the organisation NOW, it helps you understand their thoughts on how sustainable it SHOULD be. This helps you set priorities and report on progress.

Who it’s for

Business, communication or operational managers in organisations of any type or size.

What you’ll need
  • Web browser or mobile device with internet access
  • A mailing list of relevant stakeholders (so you can send them an invitation to participate in the survey
  • Current Green Street subscription as a workplace/enterprise with the appropriate membership package (see Pricing).
What’s included

screenshot of mobile survey start pageWhat you get with the SPART survey tool:

  • Online, cloud-based survey for your organisation to gather feedback on a range of sustainability factors
  • Online report summarising survey results, with visual charts (see demo links below)
  • Google spreadsheet with live data from responses (can be downloaded for further analysis)
  • Works on all devices; no app is required to do the survey or see the report
  • The survey can be embedded on your web page
  • Images and content can be customised if needed*
  • Online demo available

Note: There is a one-off set-up fee that covers creating a survey with your organisation's name and logo, providing a unique link for respondents to access, setting a time limit for responses, and providing a survey report page so you can view or download results data. SPART surveys are available to current Green Street members with the appropriate workplace/enterprise subscription (see pricing).

* If you want to customise the survey yourself, for example, to change questions or images, you will need to be able to use the Typeform survey tool. Otherwise, we can do that for you at consultancy rates – just let us know when you request a survey.

How to access this resource
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