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Guide to Planning Sustainable Events

Planning Sustainable Events
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Planning an event for home, work or the community? See how to make it as eco-friendly and socially responsible as possible. Through thoughtful, informed decision-making you can make organised events more sustainable.

This guide helps you understand where you can make a difference. It gives practical pointers on setting and achieving an event's sustainability objectives.

For a shorter version of the guide, see our Inspiration article - How to plan sustainable events.


All types of events, from conferences, festivals, shows and webinars to Christmas parties and weddings, can have negative environmental or social impacts. To counter this, we can set and measure sustainability objectives when planning an event.

Sustainability objectives can include cutting carbon, minimising waste, eliminating plastics, preserving natural resources, reducing costs and creating positive social or environmental value. There are many creative ways to do this. By implementing sustainability measures, we can improve the event experience while helping the planet.

Who it’s for

Event planners, training organisations, business managers, community organisers, wedding planners, or anyone organising an event for work or home.

What you’ll need

All you need is a desire to plan an event as sustainably as possible, and a willingness to research options and question assumptions.

What’s included

An easy-to-follow guide that includes links to useful resources,

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