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Green Street Score & Certificate

Green Street Score
Level 1

An online carbon footprint calculator for households, businesses or workplaces. Based on your answers to a quick survey, you get a Green Street score indicating whether you are a low, moderate or high contributor of carbon. The tool has been validated externally against global standards.

You will be asked to use the carbon calculator when you join Green Street as a household or workplace. After scoring, you will see some suggested ways to improve household and workplace sustainability. You can choose to add some of these to add your pledge, which is displayed on your profile. A personalised Green Street Certificate is automatically generated when your Green Street Score is finalised, so you can choose to save


The Green Street Score is a way for businesses and households to assess their level of sustainability, and see suggestions on ways to lower carbon emissions. Members can use the carbon calculator regularly, to reassess their score and make new pledges.

The carbon calculator and score have been endorsed by the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme.

Who it’s for

Everyone! Households and businesses, large or small.

What you’ll need

To use the carbon calculator and get a Green Street score, you need to join Green Street, or sign in if you are already a member.

If you are a member and are currently logged in, click here to review your Green Street score.

What’s included
  • an online calculator to assess your carbon footprint
  • suggestions for areas to improve, based on your score – you can make pledges to do some of these
  • a downloadable certificate with your name and pledges
How to access this resource
This is a level 1 resource. To access it, please join or sign in.