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Green Street Café

Green Street Cafe
Level 2

A Green Street Cafe is an informal but carefully managed event, designed to facilitate structured group discussion in workplaces or communities. The event guide includes customisable templates for event promotion and group activities, as well as practical guidance.


Are you looking to promote lively interaction among participants when exploring serious or fun topics? A Green Street Café creates the ambiance for spirited conversation on virtually any issue that people want to discuss.

It’s a style of event that allows structured conversations between diverse participants in an informal café setting.

Who it’s for

The guide is for business or workplace managers, community group leaders, and event facilitators. Participants can include staff, other stakeholders or community members.

What you’ll need
  • A basic level of experience in planning, running and facilitating events (guidance is provided).
  • Access to a venue to suit the style of event and number of participants (either a cafe, workplace or public space). Alternatively, an online video meeting system for virtual events.
  • A computer with Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader or another PDF-viewing app. Access to a laser printer or printing service if you want to print invitations, placemats or other items.
  • A current Green Street subscription as a business/workplace (see pricing).
What’s included
  • Guide for facilitators, with instructions for running a cafe-style event (PDF)
  • Checklist for facilitators to help prepare for the event (editable Word document)
  • Template for invitations (editable A4 Word document)
  • Placemats for participants to write on. There's a generic one for any Green Street Cafe events, and a Natural Step one for workplace Circular Economy discussions (printable PDF)
  • Artwork for A-Frame signs to promote a Green Street Cafe event (printable PDF)
  • Green Tips handout (printable PDF)
  • Green Street Badges handout (printable PDF)
How to access this resource
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