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Environmental Management Systems

Environmental management systems
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This resource is for enterprises (of any type or size), educators/students, and industry consultants. It includes a simple introduction to the principles of tracking environmental impact. There are also useful links relevant to businesses and organisations in Australia and internationally.

In particular, the resource refers to the ISO14001 series that guides world standards for Environmental Management Systems.

  • Help organisations comply with local and international environmental management standards
  • Meet the sustainability requirements or expectations of the organisation's supply chain, customers and tender-letting agencies.
Who it’s for

Business owners, managers, human resource staff and sustainability practitioners.

What you’ll need

ISO logoA commitment to measure and report environmental impact. You'll want to investigate the ISO 14000 Standards for Environmental Management Systems, use the standards as systematic guidelines to inform practice, and potentially be assessed against them. Please note: ISO 14001 is an open-source resource available to all, but ISO charges fees for some of its publications.

What’s included

ISO introduction

  • A brief overview to environmental management, including useful links to further information sources (PDF)
  • Link to the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards website
  • Copy of the ISO Introductory guide to the 14001 Standard (PDF)
  • Access to mentoring available via sustainability consultancy to facilitate relevant ISO 14000 standards and processes in the workplace

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