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Carbon Management System

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An automated platform to help organisations measure, analyse and reduce carbon emissions. The system lets you drive sustainability faster, by connecting directly to your accounting software and providing a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard. This helps measure and reduce costs and communicate progress towards carbon neutrality.

It's useful for all sizes of organisations from sole traders to small or medium-sized enterprises.

The service is provided by specialist sustainability technology company, NetNada, an approved Green Street partner. As such, Green Street members can access special member offers for this service. NetNada also sponsors the Green Planning Workplace Badge.

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To help businesses move to carbon neutrality and integrate sustainability into their operations. A business can reduce its carbon footprint by tracking impacts directly and using the data as a basis for action.

The software functions as an analytics tool, helping businesses transform sustainability into a competitive advantage while lowering costs and increasing profits.

Who it’s for

The service is particularly valuable for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) whose clients are motivated to work with sustainable companies. Many environmental management systems are targeted at large enterprises, so they tend to be complex and expensive. NetNada's software is more affordable, yet is based on known science and the latest technology.

Whether you are just starting on your sustainability journey, or actively seeking Australian Climate Active or ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification, the NetNada platform can help your organisation towards your goal. The system is currently available in Australia, but more countries will be coming on board soon.

"Our mission is to democratise sustainability. Every business should be able to access fast, affordable and accurate sustainability data so they can stay in business while benefitting their people and the planet." NetNada

What you’ll need

The main requirement is a desire to measure and reduce carbon emissions and establish sustainability as a core value for the business.

The system integrates with your accounting software, so if you're already using accounting software such as Xero, you can integrate your data and NetNada takes care of the rest. Alternatively, you can upload your data via invoices or CSV files and the product will manage it from there. NetNada will advise you when you sign up.

Netnada carbon accounting system
An example of the NetNada system dashboard

What’s included

An automated online carbon accounting system, with a range of additional services such as sustainability reports, access to a grant-finding tool, marketing and communication tools, etc.

NetNada offer monthly subscriptions at different levels, from a free trial to an enterprise-level service. Full details of products and services are available on the NetNada website.

Green Street members can access special offers from NetNada and other approved partners – click here to see member offers.

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