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Business Directory Listing

Business Directory Listing
Level 2

Search and find businesses, or list your own organisation if you run a business. The Green Street Business Directory promotes businesses that are having a go at being sustainable.


By supporting businesses that are trying to be more sustainable, everyone can help them do more, contributing to a more sustainable local economy.

The directory provides a way for businesses to promote themselves and highlight their sustainability efforts.

Who it’s for
  • Businesses and organisations of any size can be listed on the directory, but they must be making efforts to be sustainable (see requirements below)
  • Business owners, their staff and procurement people can use the directory to find products or services from other businesses, to create a more sustainable supply chain
  • Digital marketing agencies can promote their clients through the directory if they meet the requirements below
  • Consumers can use the directory to find products and services from local or national businesses that are having a go at being sustainable.
What you’ll need

The directory is free for anyone to access and search via the Green Street website.

If you manage a business and want to be listed in the directory, you need to:

Businesses are required to access the website regularly, as the most active members will be prioritised in directory search results. If a business does not meet the above criteria it can still have a profile page, but this will not be displayed in the Business Directory. Please note the criteria may be subject to change without notice.

It is important to note that any Green Street business member who tries to spam other members or manipulate search engines may be deleted from the website without notice, as explained in our Terms & Conditions.

For more information about business membership, see benefits for businesses and pricing.

Click here to view the Green Street Business Directory.

What’s included

Each business listing shows a profile image, brief description, keyword tags, contact information, and sustainability progress (Badges and Green Street Score).

As Green Street members, businesses can also post news/updates to their 'wall' or to the wall of any Green Street groups they are a member of. A member's posts are displayed on their profile page, and the latest posts from all members appear on the Community Wall.

All signed-in members can comment on posts from businesses or other members (subject to moderation). Any posts or comments that could be considered spammy, offensive or invading the privacy of others will be deleted (see terms and conditions and privacy policy).

How to access this resource
This is a level 2 resource. To access it, please join or sign in.