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Business case for sustainability

Business Case for Sustainability
Level 2

A summary of reasons why environmental sustainability is good for business, the community and the planet. It is a simple guide for business owners, staff, value chain suppliers and clients. There's also some guidance on how advanced technologies can add value and improve sustainability.

To help organisations build from the business case and start taking action, the guide includes practical checklists.


To demonstrate the business benefits of sustainability and to inform staff and stakeholders about the reasons for planning and acting as a sustainable business.

Who it’s for

Business owners, managers and staff, and leaders of community organisations.

What you’ll need

A commitment and capacity to collaborate with stakeholders to agree on the benefits of adopting sustainable business practices for all in the organisation.

To access this resource, you need a current Green Street subscription as a workplace/enterprise (see pricing).

What’s included

A short paper on the business case. This is a simple summary of the benefits, both short-term and long-term, including guidance on business benefits of eco-efficient, low-carbon and renewable technologies.

How to access this resource
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