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Building a Circular Economy Business

Circular Economy
Level 3

A guided process to building circular economy principles and practices into organisations wanting to operate out of a sustainable foundation. It includes a model for managing the shift to a circular economy, and tools to facilitate conversation and collaboration.


Organisations can become more resilient by adopting a circular economy approach, aiming to retain as much value as possible from products, parts and materials while minimising waste.

Green Street’s Circular Economy process aims to get conversations going between and within organisations, to encourage innovative circular economy activity. This exchange helps participants consider each other’s outputs/inputs, and identify opportunities for cycling materials in, out or up.

Who it’s for

Owners, managers and staff of any size organisation

What you’ll need

A commitment and capacity to collaborate with staff and managers to agree on the benefits of adopting circular economy business practice for all in the organisation.

What’s included
  • A guide explaining the model for delivering a circular economy approach. This provides a process for agreeing on the steps required to build a circular economy business or community organisation
  • A diagram that gives a visual overview of a circular economy business process
  • A placemat to use as a conversation starter for circular economy workshops or business networking meetings (printable PDF, A3 double-sided)
  • Circular economy case study examples
  • Access to face-to-face workshops or online interactions via sustainability consultancy
How to access this resource
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