It is free to join Green Street as a household or individual. For business-focused sustainability resources, subscribe as a small/medium organisation or larger enterprise. See benefits for households and benefits for businesses.

* Membership packages include a specified number of user accounts, but you can purchase extras when you join. If you want multiple logins for your organisation, contact us for an enterprise-level discount.

** Low-cost access applies to services that are time-based or require some degree of customisation. As a member, you can access the service for an additional fee (see custom pricing below).

Pricing for customised resources

SPART Survey Tool Pricing

The SPART survey tool custom set-up cost is AUD $295. To access the resource, you must be an enterprise member of Green Street (see pricing above).

The fee covers customising the survey so you get a unique survey link, a defined time limit for responses and full access to your survey results report and data. If you need guidance on implementing insights from survey results, request Sustainability Consultancy at preferential rates.

Sustainable Facilitator Program Pricing
Program strand Hours Cost ($AUD)
Start-up 4 $330
SFP 1 8 $770
SFP 2 12 $990
SFP 3 30 $1800

Costs are per participant. For more information about the program strands, see the Sustainability Facilitator Program resource. To access the program, you need the appropriate membership package (see pricing above).

Sustainability Consultancy Pricing

Our consultants are highly experienced in sustainability consultancy and have expertise in a range of industry-specific areas. The consulting cost is dependant on several factors, such as timing and duration of advice, level of specialist knowledge required, online or face-to-face communication, and the specific needs for your organisation or project.

We can quote hourly rates or estimate a cost based on agreed project tasks and outcomes. Please contact us to discuss what you need!

Licensing options

Interested in licensing Green Street resources for your organisation or client base? It’s a great way to build your sustainability offering using proven resources. Contact us to discuss licensing options.