Green Street Business Precincts

Would you prefer to buy from businesses which are having a go at being sustainable by:

  • Selling more sustainable products
  • Delivering goods and services more sustainably
  • Improving their eco-efficiency
  • Helping build more sustainable communities

An increasing number of businesses have joined Green Street Business Precincts which are groups of local businesses or like-minded business networks which want to improve their overall sustainability as a business and want to build more sustainable communities.

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How does a Business become a member of a Green Street Business Precinct?


Each business in a Green Street Business Precinct has a logged-in Profile and has a Green Street Pledge and has achieved (or is working toward the achievement of) Green Ticks which signify their sustainability achievements.

Some regions are preferring to rename their precincts. For example, Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Precincts. Check the listing to see if your region has taken up this option as some regions are sponsoring membership by businesses.


Green Street Ticks


The ticks are allocated according to a mix of scores from their Green Street Score (GSS) and the Green Street Badges they have achieved.


Single tick – solid green start and doing more than the average business to be more environmentally sustainable

  • Green Street Score as a Low Contributor or Moderate Contributor and has at least three Green Street Badges *
Double ticks - significant green benchmarks and acting in a very sustainable way
  • Green Street Score as a Low Contributor or is a Moderate Contributor and has at least six Green Street Badges
Triple ticks - high levels of green practices and exceptional sustainable business performance
  • Green Street Score as a Low Contributor or is a Moderate Contributor and has at least ten Green Street Badges


*Note: The maximum (high contributor) Green Street Score is 100.


All businesses, including those not in a Precinct, are listed on the Green Street Business Directory and we think businesses that are having a go at being sustainable are worthy of our support. The listing also helps you to decide where to purchase what you need.


Businesses that are green are less likely to be passing on the costs of future carbon pricing. This means you will be paying less than you may have been. You will also be enabling green businesses to build an even greener workplace and so contribute to a more sustainable local economy and a more sustainable community.


Does your workplace want to join or start a Green Street Business Precinct?


There are a number of benefits to being part of a Precinct. You can also find out more about the monitoring and auditing of members of Green Street Business Precincts and also the shared ownership of Precincts and the investment required to join a Precinct


Join or start a Precinct and be part of the move to have a more sustainable business.


The benefits of Green Street Business Precinct membership


Members of a Green Street Business Precinct will benefit by:

  • Being helped to become more sustainable as a business;
  • Being promoted as a business that is ‘having a go at being sustainable’;
  • Becoming known as a member of a growing network of green businesses;
  • Becoming more eco efficient and saving costs;
  • Improving their competitiveness by generating new markets and new customers;
  • Generating customer loyalty and trust and an improved public profile;
  • Helping with the development of more sustainable local economies and communities, and being seen to do so.

Participating businesses will be identified by:

  • Their listing as part of their local or regional Green Street Business Precinct grouping on the Green Street website, in one of a Three Tick categorization of businesses;
  • Display of a prominent sticker or sign on their building featuring the Green Street Business Precinct logo or local equivalent;
  • Display of the Green Street Business Precinct logo or local equivalent on business stationery;
  • Inclusion of the business name and promotional information on a printed promotional brochure for the local Precinct and the Green Street website; and
  • Eligibility for local promotions and prizes.

Monitoring and auditing

The achievement of ticks will be monitored and audited via a process of:

  • Initial self audit via the Green Street Score
  • Peer audit with one other business in the precinct
  • Random audit of businesses by the Green Street Team
  • Audit by the Green Street Team for businesses applying for ‘Triple Green Tick’ status

Shared ownership

  • Organisations, networks or agencies which take the initiative to help establish a Green Street Business Precinct will become part-owners of the Green Street Business Precinct product. These may be local Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Networks, Transition Towns Groups, corporate networks or other organisations.
  • These Precinct Partners will have a role to initiate and establish a Foundation Membership base and will manage the establishment process in liaison with the Green Street Team.
  • The Precinct Partners will receive 30% of the fee of $15/month paid by members.

Member investment

Members will contribute a monthly fee of $15, payable electronically, which will support the following:

  • Template for the local printing and distribution of a Precinct Membership Sticker to member businesses
  • Preparation of a template for the Precinct promotional brochure
  • Overall management and promotion of the Precinct program
  • Administration of the Green Street website, including the Green Business Listing and the Precinct section
  • Publication of a Precinct E-letter
  • Random auditing of businesses and auditing of Triple Tick membership applications
  • Contribution of 30% of the monthly fee to the local network group for managing the precinct activity at a local level.

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