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Posted 09.12.20, 10:39 am

The Samford Chamber of Commerce and the Green Streets program are partnering to form Queensland’s first Green Street Sustainable Business Precinct.

The Precinct will be formed by businesses signing on to Green Street and registering as part of the Samford Green Street Business Precinct.

The Precinct is an ideal opportunity for businesses to not only become leaner and greener but also to market themselves to the ever-growing number of customers wanting to purchase goods and services from sustainable businesses.

Businesses in Samford would generate new customer bases, reduce business costs and generate stronger customer respect and loyalty. In time, the Precinct would develop more sustainable local economies and therefore more sustainable communities. Businesses will help to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable planet.

Businesses will be provided with a recognisable sticker for their shopfront and website and will also be able to market their goods and services via the Green Street website on

A flyer promoting the Precinct and listing the participating businesses will be provided for each business and other community outlets.

The partnership enables the local Samford Chamber of Commerce to add its own value to the Precinct and a significant share of the membership fees will be shared with the Chamber to enable local activity to be stimulated.

The progress of businesses on their Green Street trip will be observable via the allocation of Green Street Ticks which represent their levels of workplace sustainability. However, the main emphasis is on businesses having a real go at becoming more sustainable, rather than comparing sustainability levels.

Businesses wishing to sign up should login to the ‘Workplace’ section of the Green Street website at and gain their Green Street Score and achieve their Green Street Icons. They can then join the Precinct which is accessible from 1 December 2010.

Contact: Howard Nielsen, Green Street Team [email protected]
Ph: 0407 190162

Posted 12.12.10, 12:37 pm

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