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Sustainable promotional products

Promotion ProductsThere is increased demand for products and suppliers that actively demonstrate a move towards a more sustainable, supportive business model. More conscious business dealings are good for all of us!

Promotion Products were the first company to market a dedicated range of Eco Products in 2007, and since then, Eco Products have been our focus. We help brands be purposeful with their selections and choose better quality merchandise that won’t end up in the bin.

Responsible Purchasing BadgePromotion Products sponsor the Green Street Responsible Purchasing Badge (Workplace) and the Responsible Purchasing Badge (Household).

Special offer on eco-friendly promotional items

Green Street members can get 10% OFF all products in Promotion Product’s Eco-friendly merchandise range for a limited time.

Shop for a range of useful eco and consciously-made products, including:

To get the discount, contact Promotion Products and mention Green Street. If you need to prove you are a member, provide a link to your Green Street profile page.


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