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Smart, sustainable business cards

MODC - Modern business cards

Ditch all those (wasted) paper business cards!

MODC digital business cards let you share and exchange contact info with minimum hassle and maximum control. Choose which details you want to share, and how you want to share them. Go fully digital or have the best of both worlds by opting for a premium MODC card with inbuilt NFC technology that lets you exchange details instantly.

How does it work?

To share your contact information with someone, tap your personalised MODC on their smartphone or show them the card’s QR code (see how it works). Simple! Or go completely digital and access your business card via your Apple or Google wallet.

It’s the sustainable business card choice!

Save paper and ink, reduce waste, and make networking easier. For maximum impact, go for our eco-friendly premium bamboo card. Our digital and premium cards are cost-effective, sustainable and rather special! The Green Street team were so impressed they ordered their own (see news story with photos).

Business people sharing contact details with MODC digital business cards

For easier networking, share contact info with a tap!

Special deals for Green Street members

If you’re a Green Street member, check out the MODC shop for options, then drop us an email and tell us what sort of card you’re after. Please include a link to your Green Street profile page (so we know you’re a member). We’ll send you info on how to claim a discount when you order.

See the MODC business profile in the Green Street Business Directory.


MODC cards

The MODC premium branded card with NFC technology lets you exchange contact details without exchanging paper cards. You only need one physical card (or you can go digital-only). This means less ink, water, and paper, and less waste from printed cards. It also means people are much more likely to keep your contact details!