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Level 1 Resources

Level 1 sustainability resources help everyone have a go at being sustainable. They are suitable for households, community groups, small businesses, educators and consultants.

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Explore tools for households, community groups, businesses, sustainability practitioners and other organisations. To access these resources, join or sign in.

  • Green Street Badges

    Green Street Badges reward you for taking sustainable actions in various areas, from recycling and energy saving to community education and respons... read more

    Earn Green Street Badges

    Level 1

  • Green Street Score & Certificate

    An online carbon footprint calculator for households, businesses or workplaces. Based on your answers to a quick survey, you get a Green Street sco... read more

    Green Street Score

    Level 1

  • Sustainability quizzes

    These online quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of sustainability in a fun way. Each quiz is based on a specific topic. Two quite differen... read more

    Sustainability Quizzes

    Level 1

  • Green Tips

    Green Tips are handy pointers on ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Each tip indicates the amount of carbon you could save, and links to website... read more

    OK - Green Tips

    Level 1

  • Strategic Questioning

    A practical guide explaining how to engage people in organisations or communities by asking the right type of questions. The guide discusses how to... read more

    Strategic Questioning

    Level 1

  • Clues on Conversations

    A handbook to skill people in the art and science of conversations for a sustainable future. It presents multiple options for designing and facilit... read more

    Clues on Conversations

    Level 1

  • Environmental Management Systems

    This resource includes a simple introduction to the principles of tracking environmental impact, backed by useful links relevant to businesses and ... read more

    Environmental management systems

    Level 1

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

    The United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent an urgent call for action by all. The goals act as "a shared blueprint for pe... read more

    UN Sustainability Goals

    Level 1

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is acknowledged worldwide as the go-to place for sustainability indicators. Many of the largest and smallest ... read more

    Global Reporting Initiative for Sustainability

    Level 1

  • The Natural Step

    The Natural Step is a universally agreed summary of what makes a sustainable business or society. It identifies four system conditions used to make... read more

    The Natural Step

    Level 1