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Responsible design in Australia

By: Carolyn King @ July 14, 2023 on Design for change

The Society for Responsible Design (https://srd.org.au/) is an Australian non-profit that aims to promote sustainable, responsible thinking and processes in all areas of design. The website has guidance and links for sustainable design strategies in architecture, graphics, fashion, interior and industrial design.

The SRD say "Responsible Design adds a layer of appropriate consideration for positive impacts for now and well into the future to benefit all life on earth.... Design may significantly contribute OR conversely detract from desirable outcomes...". To me, this shows how everyone can contribute through the choices we make about designed products/services, whether or not we are professional designers.

Take a look at the SRD website for some guidance, and if you're interested in more detail, read the research paper (https://bit.ly/ResponsibleDesignIsApexDesignMode). It explains how using a responsible design 'lens' can help to address the UN SDGs and create more sustainable futures.

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