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Use air conditioning more efficiently

Air conditioning temperature control

Did you know that for every one degree you set the air conditioning to be cooler in summer (or warmer in winter) you’re using up to 10% more energy? The cost of that will soon add up! By setting air conditioning to the optimum temperature for the climate you can save a lot of money, and reduce emissions. Use the Ergon Energy Calculator to see how much it costs to run air conditioning at different temperatures.

Around 25°C in summer and 19°C in winter is generally a good temperature for air conditioning in a temperate or sub-tropical climate (see a guide to air cond for Australian climates).

You can also use fans to move the air around more effectively (even in winter because the fan has a winter setting that helps to push warm air down). If you’re comfortable, use fans instead of air conditioning to keep you cool in summer. They use a lot less electricity than air conditioning, and because they cool people rather than rooms, you can turn them off so they don’t waste energy when you’re not in the room.

Another tip is to close windows and doors of rooms to avoid warm/cool air coming in, and close off any rooms you are not using so you’re not heating or cooling them needlessly. Good insulation will also help significantly.


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