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Turn off electronic devices

Wall plug socket

Turn devices off at the power point (as well as on the item itself) when not in use.

Most home or office appliances (computers, monitors, printers, speakers, televisions, chargers, electronic gadgets, etc) use energy just by being on standby when we’re not using them. Because most households and workplaces have lots of electronic and internet-connected devices, the combined energy use of standby items will soon add up!

A research study by Choice found that leaving items on standby could add hundreds of dollars a year to a household power bill (and therefore use more carbon), depending on the standby energy efficiency. Some items such as multi-function printers, wireless mesh routers and sound systems could each add around $30–40 a year in unnecessary power. Similarly, a 2023 Canstar Blue Guide shows standby power adds around $100-$170 to the average household energy bill.

When researching new appliances to buy, find out the standby energy use as well as the running cost. Aim for the best overall energy rating.

Save up to 2 tonnes of carbon a year by turning off appliances and gadgets at the wall.


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