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Install fully green power

Rooftop solar panels

To reduce your reliance on the main power grid (which is mostly powered by fossil fuels), install a fully renewable power source such as solar or wind power. By using green energy, a household or business will reduce its environmental footprint and cut electricity costs over time. As of January 2024, over 3.7 million solar PV systems have been installed across Australia (see latest data here).

You can also consider using rechargeable solar batteries and battery storage systems, especially if you have a hybrid or electric vehicle. Do your research first (see links below), as the systems and technologies continue to evolve.

If you manage a business, look at the business case of installing a solar system. To measure return on investment, determine the lifetime cost of a solar installation and energy generated compared to your electricity provider. Consider any tax and depreciation incentives for solar equipment when calculating financial returns.

Save up to 7 tonnes of carbon each year per household

More information

Diagram showing how solar energy works
Get to know solar technology (from the Australian Government Solar Consumer Guide)

Infographic showing that a small business with a 15Kwh solar PV system can displace 33% of electricity usage

A small business consuming 50,000 Kilowatt hours could have a 33% reduction in electricity costs by running a 15KW solar system. Exact savings will vary depending on the business and electricity tariffs. From Guide to Installing Solar PV for Business & Industry, Clean Energy Council.