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Drive less

Cycling on the road

To drive less, you can ride a bicycle, use an e-scooter, walk more, or use public transport, depending on the distance and purpose of your journey. These transport methods not only reduce carbon emissions from vehicle use and production, but they can also keep you healthier!

Alternative transport methods are often cheaper and less stressful than driving. Using public transport such as the bus, train, ferry or tram will mean one less vehicle on the road, and fewer pollutants in the atmosphere. Before you jump in the car, consider whether public transport might be more suitable.

Other ways to reduce driving include going to shops nearest to you whenever possible, to reduce the distances you travel by car. If you plan well, you can do several errands in one trip, to save both time and fuel. Avoiding peak-hour traffic whenever possible also reduces the time you spend in a car.

If you manage a business, you can encourage employees to drive less by supporting them to work from home, encouraging car pooling, or providing end-of-trip facilities such as showers, lockers and secure bicycle parking. You can also aim to source materials and suppliers locally, to reduce the overall motor vehicle journeys involved in providing your products or services.

Save up to 1 tonne of carbon by reducing your driving by 3,000 km

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