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Avoid buying heavily packaged products

Plastic packaging waste

Packaging is a high-energy user, and discarded packaging contributes to landfill waste and pollution if it is not recycled. Reduce your garbage and your carbon footprint by buying with discretion.

For example, buy loose fruit and vegetables (rather than those pre-wrapped in cling film), and don’t put them in plastic bags. You can use paper bags or lightweight mesh bags (available to buy from some supermarkets) to group items for weighing if needed. If you do buy goods in plastic bags, try to reuse the bags. For any packaged goods you buy, look for the Australasian Recycling Label to see if/how it can be recycled.

Seek out refillable versions of products such as laundry liquid and bathroom products, so you aren’t buying new containers each time. Try not to be seduced by fancy packaging on confectionary, perfumes and luxury goods.

Save up to 1 tonne of carbon by reducing garbage by one wheelie bin per month

If you manage or work for an organisation that makes or supplies products, look for ways of reducing packaging and making it more sustainable. Make sure your product packaging includes clear instructions about recycling and/or disposal (see ARL Marketplace).

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