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Tackling conscious consumption and promotion

Douglas McGregor and his crew at Promotion Products are tackling one of the toughest assignments in their industry… providing marketing products that are sustainably manufactured, ethically produced, made as locally as possible, and sourced with renewable materials.

When organisations want to promote their product or cause or event they usually contract manufacturers to provide goods that do just that through gifts packaged in attractive ways. And until now the costs of doing that with unsustainable promotion products have been more attractive than with those manufactured sustainably.

Douglas and his company are in the process of changing that by reducing the number of unsustainable products they will contract to provide and increasing those that are provided through a sustainable supply chain. They are promoting conscious consumption by their clients so that all items are useable, recyclable, and sustainably provided.

Promotion Products are also helping the Green Street community by providing a special offer for members, and sponsoring the Responsible Purchasing Badge!

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