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New resource helps businesses plan a path towards sustainability

If you own or manage a small or medium business, check out our new Green Street resource! The recently launched 10 Steps Towards Sustainability helps you picture a typical path towards a more sustainable business.

10 steps towards sustainability

By following a sequence of logical steps, you can have a go at being sustainable in a manageable way – even while you’re busy with day-to-day business priorities. And by keeping things achievable, you can improve sustainability in a way that’s good for business as well as the planet.

The ten steps are distilled from the more detailed Sustainability Roadmap resource, which in turn links to the Sustainability Planning Process and templates. You can use the roadmap in conjunction with the ten steps. Alternatively, use the 10 Steps as a general route planner to help you plan actions and stay on track.

How to use the 10 Steps resource

The resource features an overview video presenting the ten steps, which you can watch to understand and plot a path towards sustainability. Next, explore the simple step-by-step guide, which explains what to do in each step and provides links to relevant resources. You can view the guide online by clicking through each step, or download it as a PDF file for easy reference.

Why not use the video and guide as a prompt for discussion with your team (or with family and business partners if you’re a sole trader)? This will help you set a vision, address issues and identify opportunities you can act on to start realising the benefits of sustainability-led approaches.