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Fancy a cool new (sustainable) business card?

Green Street has partnered with MODC to offer our members a great deal on digital business cards. See the offer!

We met MODC’s founder Nathan Schokker at a local sustainability event in May 2024 and were impressed by his simple, smartly implemented idea. Many other people are impressed too! MODC’s customers include government departments, large companies, entrepreneurs, community groups and small businesses.

Because we were so impressed, we ordered our own. Carolyn chose the premium bamboo card, with minimal branding for maximum flexibility. The images below show the bamboo card and one of Carolyn’s digital profiles.

Benefits of digital cards

Digital cards have great potential to cut waste and save resources while saving time and money. Rather than getting cards printed for every new job role and side hustle (or every time your contact info changes), you put the info online and edit it whenever you like.

Networking is less stressful when you don’t have to carry a wad of business cards (many of which end up in the bin). It’s more effective too, as it’s much easier for people to grab (and keep) your contact details.

MODC’s smart solution

With MODC, you don’t need a special app, nor do the people you share your info with. Sharing your contact info is simple via a link or QR code. You get an easy-to-edit online profile with personalised branding. You can even have multiple profiles for different roles. For larger organisations, a corporate plan allows you to manage branding and common info across multiple accounts.

But MODC’s solution goes further than digital profiles. In addition to online access, you can opt for a premium physical card. You don’t give it to people though, you keep it! The premium card has embedded tech that lets you share info by swiping your card near a new contact’s mobile phone.

It’s a more sustainable way of sharing contact details than traditional printed cards, and more of a conversation starter too. Get yours now!


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