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Display Name: YPK


Current pledges

  1. Buy efficiently and recycle
  2. Plant more trees
  3. Be active in Community

Badges Earned

Planting: Improving our forests and natural habitats    Vege-friendly: Eat vegetables and grow lots of them    Water: Store and use water well    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    

Green Wall

Darren - Yeah no worries, I understand.
Posted 02.08.12, 11:44 am

YPK - Like it's not going to get posted LOL!! Unfortunately life seems to overtake me but I do intend delegating the responsibility to someone a bit more reliable, just as soon as I get a chance . . .

Posted 30.07.12, 8:39 pm

Darren - Good to see your Green score for April, hows it looking for this month?
Posted 23.07.12, 3:47 pm