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Display Name: Gwarehouse
Phone: 02 6581 2411
Address: 14 Fernhill Road
Suburb/Town: Port Macquarie
State/Territory: NSW
Country: Australia
Postcode: 2444


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Sustainable workplace design    Green products produced responsibly    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Buying from responsible sources    Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Organic: Supply organic food when catering and source organic uniforms    Energy: Use green energy and are efficient with energy use    Water: Store and use water well    

Workplace Description:

Gwarehouse has a healthy solution or alternative for virtually every toxic product used around the home. Our beautiful plant-based paints and stains are free of harmful VOCs. We direct import a huge range of LED lighting products so that your family can have full spectrum lighting without the risk of mercury exposure. Gwarehouse can show you how to improve the air quality inside your home by using chemical-free pest control, green cleaning products and proper ventilation. We have VOC meters to measure toxic Volatile Organic Compounds and EMF meters to check for excessive levels of Electro-magnetic radiation; Water filters and safe water bottles so that you can drink clean, pure water; Solar lighting and energy-saving devices to save you money.

Green Wall

Gwarehouse - Gwarehouse Christmas Trading Hours

Gwarehouse will be open each Saturday morning until Christmas from 9am to 5pm.  We will continue to maintain our usual operating hours: 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday will until 5pm Wed 22nd December 2010.  We will reopen in the New Year on Wed 5th January.  All online orders will continue to be processed and posted as usual.

Special Delivery Offer for Christmas/New Year Period

Where possible and depending on the physical size & weight of your order, deliveries will be upgraded to Express Post satchels (500g or 3kg) at no additional cost from 18/12/10 until 01/01/11.  If unsure, please email us to verify this special delivery offer.

Posted 21.12.10, 4:41 pm

Gwarehouse - DC Energy Saving Ceiling Fans are back in stock.

Our second shipment of these popular ceiling fans has finally arrived.  Place your order now to avoid missing out on cool savings and an excellent product. Find out how you can save up to 65% of electricity without sacrificing power by using a Gwarehouse Energy Saving Ceiling Fan here....

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Posted 21.12.10, 4:39 pm

Gwarehouse -

We have just returned from the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.  Over 3000 exhibitors occupied 5 floors of the amazing Hong Kong Convention Center.  

Although around 90% of the companies involved were specialising in LED lighting, we were surprised to see there were still some companies displaying fluorescent and incandescent products!   We were pleased to see that the LED products we've been developing were up there with the more innovative products on display.  David met with several of our manufacturers to discuss new designs and modifications to suit the Australian market.  We were very excited to discover some fantastic integrated LED lighting systems not yet available in Australia - but they will soon be on display at Gwarehouse.

Gwarehouse is currently supplying the Catholic schools in our region with state-of-the art LED lighting.  Not only will the schools benefit from lower power and maintenance bills but the staff and students will enjoy better, safer lighting.  LED lights do not contain mercury or emit harmful UV light or electromagnetic radiation.   

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Posted 09.11.10, 3:42 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi GWarehouse .... nice to see you on Greenstreet..... and good products! It would be good if you could do the survey and also check out your icons. Cheers, Howard from the Green Street Team
Posted 08.09.10, 9:43 pm

Gwarehouse -
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Posted 08.09.10, 5:05 pm