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Display Name: Bendigo Bank
Phone: 07 32896710
Precinct: Samford Sustainable Business Precinct


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    A survey released by consumer group Choice shows that Bendigo Bank continues to provide industry-leading customer satisfaction levels.

    Choice surveyed more than 3000 of its members to find out how satisfied they are with their financial institution and Bendigo Bank achieved the following:

    Everyday Banking Satisfaction
     Bendigo Bank recorded the highest overall satisfaction score for a bank.

    Credit cards
     Ranked third overall, out-ranking all other banks.

    It’s Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s aim to be Australia’s leading customer-connected bank and we hope these results indicate that we’re on track to achieve that.

    The thing that sets Bendigo Bank apart from other banks are our connections to the customers and communities we serve.

    Customer satisfaction is what drives every staff member in the bank.

    In towns and suburbs right across Australia, Bendigo Bank has Community Bank® branches, which are owned and operated by local people.

    In the past decade these branches have returned more than $30.4 million dollars, assisting local community groups and helping them to build infrastructure to improve where, and how they live.

    We believe that successful customers, create a successful community which creates a successful bank, but only in that order.

    At Samford Community Bank® you can deal directly with me, your local branch manager, with the expertise to assist you with all your banking needs.

    So why not talk to us today about a competitive home loan, personal loan, credit card, investment, business banking, superannuation or insurance – and consider the fact that every time you do your banking the Samford community benefits.

    Drop in and see us at Shop 10 in the Samford Country Centre or phone 3289 6710.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Chrissy Wilkinson, Samford Branch Manager

    Green Wall

    Sustainable Startups SSH! - We're looking forward to meeting with our first group of startup businesses on Tuesday 19 November at the Samford Community Bank boardroom at 5.30pm. Sharing aspirations, ideas and ways to support each other as climate conscious businesses is the main thread - plus having some fun and refreshments of course! Thanks to Advance Queensland, Innovate Moreton Bay, Samford Community Bank, Samford Commons, Samford Chamber of Commerce, Moreton Bay Regional Industry and Tourism, Impact Innovation, NACC Sustainability and RDA Moreton Bay for their partnerships and support. The SSH! train is on the tracks and moving!
    Posted 17.11.19, 4:44 am

    Darren - Hey there, was wondering you are obviously a one of many bendigo banks. Is there a sustainability policy or guidelines your suppose to work within?
    Posted 16.07.12, 11:01 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Chrissy .... the Green Street Cafe went well the other week! How are you going with the eco efficiency bits at your place? see you soon no doubt. Cheers, Howard
    Posted 22.11.09, 2:02 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Chrissy. I hope you had a great week! Are you able to do the survey in the next couple of days, to get your Green Street Score for August? Cheers, Howard
    Posted 11.09.09, 4:58 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Chrissy ..... could you add a few notes to the Green wall re your action plan for the business? Have a great day. Cheers, Howard
    Posted 27.08.09

    NACC Sustainability-People - Nice one team.... great photo! Cheers, Howard
    Posted 19.08.09