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Display Name: Good Concepts
Phone: 0738446003


Current pledges

  1. Buy efficiently and recycle
  2. Plant more trees
  3. Be active in Community

Badges Earned

Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Planting: Improving our forests and natural habitats    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Vege-friendly: Eat vegatables and grow lots of them    Organic: Eat more than 50% organic  food    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    Transport: Walk, ride or public transport used most of the time    

Workplace Description:

Good Concepts eco store offers an extensive range of environmentally friendly products. We specialize in electric bicycles and electric bicycle conversion kits. Good Concepts online eco store also stock a wide range of eco lifestyle products including organic body products, bamboo and organic clothing, Fair trade gifts, organic nappies and baby ware and much much more.

Green Wall

Darren - Hey just saw your sinks posted below, are they still for sale?
Posted 02.08.12, 11:45 am

Good Concepts - Good Concepts is excited to be stocking the HUGHIE SINK. This simple sink insert is awesome.

The hughie sink is specially designed to help all Aussies in their efforts to do their best to help the country and its environment.


Inexpensive way to reuse water, with no plumbing required
Will fit the average sink
Light weight design, durable & sturdy
Environmentally friendly
Range of stylist colours
Safe to use by the entire family
No installation costs
Regulated water release
Ergonomically designed with fold away handles
Easy to clean with no ongoing maintenance required
Portable and stand alone


We are retailing them for $29.95.

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Posted 29.06.10, 11:45 am

Good Concepts - We have just recieved a huge shipment of Worm Farms as we sold out of the first shipment within the first month. We now have heaps of colours to choose from with both the 240ltr and also the 140ltr worm habitats. Drop into the shop to check them out ASAP.

Posted 27.05.10, 4:34 pm

Good Concepts - Worm Farms

I am super excited to let everyone know that Good Concepts are now stocking these super cool Wheelie Bin Worm Habitats. Check out the web site for all the details or drop into the store to check them out.

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Posted 30.04.10, 11:30 am

Good Concepts - Hi All

Not sure if anyone has one or no's of one but I am after a Gum Ball machine.

I am super inspired by this in LA and want to see if I can get something started here in Brisbane.



Posted 30.04.10, 11:27 am

NACC Sustainability-People - Thanks for this info Mark.... cheers Howard
Posted 10.04.10, 1:25 pm

Good Concepts - MirrorLux Fluoro light reflectors

Remove one of the two fluoro light tubes and install a Mirrorlux reflector to reduce the amount of power being used to light your rooms. Annual savings of up to $870 pa based on 50 light fittings.

Feel free to drop into the shop to see how they work or place an order.

Product name Length Code Recommended Retail (RRP)
Delamping kit N/A RFLDEL  $198.67
Mirrorlux standard 2’ (600mm) RFLS2  $13.95
4’ (1200mm) RFLS4  $19.95
5’ (1500mm) RFLS5  $24.95
Mirrorlux narrow 2’ (600mm) RFLN2  $13.95
4’ (1200mm) RFLN4  $19.95
5’ (1500mm) RFLN5  $24.95
Quadphosphor fluoro tube (daylight 5000K colour temperature) 2’ (600mm) QUAD25000  $11.95
4’ (1200mm) QUAD45000  $11.95

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Posted 10.04.10, 10:36 am

Good Concepts - Bokashi Buckets:

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Posted 24.03.10, 5:28 pm

Black Dove Body Bar - Good Concepts is awesome. :)
Posted 23.03.10, 9:58 am

Good Concepts - Ethical Super Market Shopping Guide.

A great guide to who makes what and what to buy at your local super market. The Booklet is available at Good Concepts, on line at and at

Posted 17.03.10, 12:58 pm