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  1. Switch lightbulbs
  2. Use energy efficient appliances
  3. Turn off electronic devices not in use
  4. Drive Less

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Green Wall

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Peter and Co ..... nice to see you connected in. we have quite a few businesses from Blackall and Tambo now in a Sustainability cluster so you may like to have a look at what they are up to at some stage. Cheers, Howard
Posted 17.05.10, 2:05 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Peter and Co .... looks like the GSS is going in the right direction! what have you been doing to get such a big shift in the past few months? Cheers, Howard
Posted 22.11.09, 1:52 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Peter .... hope all is going well! Are you able to do the survey in the next couple of days, to get your Green Street Score for August? Cheers, Howard
Posted 11.09.09, 5:23 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Peter and Co.... great to have you up on the site.... nice GSS to work away on! Could you add a photo and a bit of info to your Green Wall re what you've been doing and what you plan to do? It would be great if you could get some icons up too. Great work on all this, by the way. Cheers, Howard
Posted 27.08.09