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Current pledges

  1. Switch lightbulbs
  2. Use energy efficient appliances
  3. Turn off electronic devices not in use
  4. Use less hot water
  5. Buy efficiently and recycle

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Water: Store and use water well    

Green Wall

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Mark. I hope all is well out your way. Are you able to do the survey in the next couple of days, to get your Green Street Score for August? Cheers, Howard
Posted 11.09.09, 4:50 pm

AACC - Australian Agricultrual College is committed to reducing our water, waste and electricity usuage. The projects that we hav ecommitted to for teh next 12 months are as follows:-

*  Installing 2 hour timers to all lights switches in common rooms

* Installing building management systems to new dorm to manage power, airconditioning etc usuage

* Install correct size A/C's to class room and ensuring a/c equipment is maintained monthly

* Remulching and applying wetting agent to all garden beds. Reducing grass and garden areas that are not required now to reduce water usuage

* Recycling all garden waste and kitchen waste into compost that will be mixed with horse and cow manure. Once broken down this waste will be recycled back into garden beds and plowed into farm paddocks.

* Completion of installing water timers to irrigation systems taht do not have system installed currently.

* Installing 2 more large rainwater tanks to collect water to reuse on gardens etc.

* Engaging water consultants to develop water management plan for campus, farm and production paddocks.

Posted 28.08.09, 9:48 am

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Mark and team.... nice to have you on the site.... and with a challenging GSS to have a go at over the next few months I see! Could you add a photo and a bit of info to your Green Wall re what you've been doing and what you plan to do? Appreciate all your great work on all this, by the way. Cheers, Howard
Posted 27.08.09

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Posted 21.08.09