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Centwest Engineering

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Display Name: Centwest Engineering
Phone: 0746581733
Suburb/Town: LONGREACH


Current pledges

  1. Buy efficiently and recycle
  2. Be active in Community
  3. Avoid packaged products

Badges Earned

Car pooling: One or more household members car pool to work    Water: Store and use water well    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    

Workplace Description:

Steel sales and fabrication, sheet metal processing and sales, industrial product sales including fasteners, industrial fans, toolboxes, wheels and castors, ladders, abrasives, lifting equipment, safety, materials handling, lubricants/paints, hand, power and air tools, welders and welding consumables, compressors, fencing materials, pipe, air and hydraulic fittings, nuts/bolts, roofing and structural steel and more.

Green Wall

Centwest Engineering - I note that it keeps telling us to plant more trees.  Is this really a sustainable initiative when we live in an arid environment where water (taken from the river) would be necessary to sustain the new trees that were planted?  In my experience (albeit limited, as I am not a green thumb), even native trees planted in home/business gardens still need to be artificially watered (ie. can't rely on rainfall) in order to survive, espeically in their initial growth stages. 

Posted 03.02.10, 12:10 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Ian and Co.... great story1 And some top ideas.... will be handing out some window stickers next week but like your co-branded idea. Cheers, Howard from NACC
Posted 27.10.09, 11:02 pm

Centwest Engineering - A nice note.  A customer of ours saw my "NO CANS IN BIN - RECYCLE" sign and the next day she came back in and donated an old wall mounted can crusher to us.  She said that she saw our sign, remembered that she had a can-crusher that she tried to get her boys to use many years ago (but that was just rusting in her shed) and she was pleased to give it to us to help us with our environmental efforts.  Not only was this helpful to us, but it we also managed to recycle a product that was simply rusting away in someone's shed and probably would've ended up in the tip at some point.  This is why I am keen to get some co-branded posters that further promote our efforts to get customers (like this lovely lady) her both involved and appreciative of our environmental efforts/considerations.  They have great ideas too and the more we 'advertise' the more ideas and more understanding we achieve!

Posted 23.10.09, 2:15 pm

Centwest Engineering - We now have a can recyling bin both at the workshop and at the retail warehouse.  It is amazing at how much volume our waste reduced when I pulled the cans out of our normal bin to put into the recyling bin. We have several options for the can recycling - direct to a local man who does occassional scrap metal recycling runs, or via the scouts and other community organisations that collect the cans and find other ways to recycle them for cash.  Easy to do (we simply used an old box - yep, recycled an old box) and not any effort involved except putting a sign on the old rubbish bin that states "NO CANS".

Posted 05.10.09, 1:15 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - By the way.... nice work with the action you are taking with your business ... a big effort! Cheers, Howard
Posted 01.10.09, 1:48 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Gee you guys are fast off the mark with your GSS! Cheers, Howard
Posted 01.10.09, 1:47 pm

Centwest Engineering - What we have done so far.  We are running out of A4 statement paper for our monthly statements, so we have drafted A5 statements (and changed our accounting program reports to suit an A5 size statement) and have had our printing company investigate smaller envelopes to fit our statements simply folded in half.  This reduces our statement paper output by 50% and our envelope paper output by about 30%.  We pride ourselves on having ALWAYS printed our invoices on A5 paper.

We have also opted to receive all shareholder communications electronically, and have responded to all shareholder requests for information electronically to reduce not only paper output, but also the energy used in snail-mail delivery.

We now pay all monthly accounts electronically, and remit electronically to 100% of our suppliers. This has reduced cheque outputs, energy use in snail mail delivery of cheques and energy use in processing same at the other end (e.g. supplier having to drive to bank to deposit cheques etc).  We do not print remittances which saves on printing energy and paper - these are produced and delivered electronically.

Posted 29.09.09, 11:12 am

Centwest Engineering - Will put up a photo as soon as we can find one, somewhere in the realms of our various computer files.

Posted 29.09.09, 10:18 am

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Ian .... great week I hope? Are you able to do the survey in the next couple of days, to get your Green Street Score for August? Cheers, Howard
Posted 11.09.09, 5:24 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Ian and Co.... great to have you up on the site.... nice GSS! Could you add a photo and a bit of info to your Green Wall re what you've been doing and what you plan to do? It would be great if you could get some icons up too.... I reckon you'd have a few to get! Great work on all this, by the way. Cheers, Howard.
Posted 27.08.09