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Avid Reader

Business Details

Display Name: Avid Reader
Phone: (07) 3846 3422
Address: 193 Boundary Street
Suburb/Town: West End
State/Territory: QLD
Country: Australia
Postcode: 4101


Current pledges

  1. Switch lightbulbs
  2. Use energy efficient appliances
  3. Turn off electronic devices not in use
  4. Plant more trees
  5. Be active in Community

Badges Earned

Car pooling: One or more household members car pool to work    Transport: Walk, ride or public transport used most of the time    

Workplace Description:

At Avid Reader we always try to keep the best books in each genre on the shelves, including literature, classics, children's, travel, politics, cooking, history, biography, self-help, environment, queer, business, health, sex, and parenting. The newest titles are as tempting as lollies in a candy store, but nothing beats the all-time great reads. For this reason we carry a mix of new release and backlist titles that have stood the test of time.

Run by knowledgable staff members, Avid Reader specialises in personal service and provides an extensive special order system, book club advice and discounts, gift recommendations, free gift wrapping, and gift vouchers. We have frequent in-store events including book launches, signings, various book clubs and introductory nights for fledgling and established book clubs. Our renowned café serves Toby’s Estate coffee and teas and a selection of sweets and savouries.

Avid Reader also supports a range of community activities.

Green Wall

Avid Reader - We fill lots of garbage bags every week with all the packing foam from the boxes.  If anyone has a use for them and would like some, please come and grab a bag or 10.

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Posted 24.04.10, 10:46 am

Avid Reader - Signs put on the bins underneath the counter so, when emptied, the contents can be put straight into the bails that are for paper and cardboard recycling .

Posted Picture
Posted 10.04.10, 11:53 am

Avid Reader - These signs were placed by each of the light switches in the toilets to remind people to turn off the light when they leave!

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Posted 10.04.10, 11:41 am

Avid Reader - These are some signs we have put up in the shop to encourage people to help us become a sustainable business!

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Posted 10.04.10, 11:39 am