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Another Bold Australian

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Display Name: Another Bold Australian
Email: [email protected]
Suburb/Town: Ferny Hills
Country: Australia


Current pledges

  1. Use energy efficient appliances
  2. Turn off electronic devices not in use
  3. Be active in Community
  4. Buy locally and fresh

Badges Earned

Vege-friendly: Eat vegatables and grow lots of them    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    

Workplace Description:

Another Bold Australian is an emerging craft microbrewery coming out of Brisbane's north west. Our business is brewing superb all-natural ales and lagers in an ethical and ecologically sustainable way, such as:

Increasing the use of certified organic ingredients in our beer while eliminating harmful chemicals from the brewing process.

Reducing and reusing our packaging materials by offering a refund on returned bottles and Fresh Wort Kit cubes. Cartons will be replaced with durable and reusable crates.

Reducing our environmental footprint by increasing our use of clean renewable energy until it is 100% in the brewery.

The brewery is presently in the research and development phase developing 25 recipes across a wide range of beer styles.

If you support the idea of a local green microbrewery, we'd love to hear from you and please stay tuned for updates about our delicious craft beer! Our beer menu is available - if you'd like it in PDF format, send us your email address and we'll get a copy out to you!

Green Wall

Darren - Hey there really interesting concept with the bottles and cartons, only problem is that i can't seem to access your website
Posted 02.08.12, 11:47 am

Another Bold Australian - G'day! Our "Good Seeing To" Bright Ale Fresh Wort Kits for brewing beer at home are now available through Food Connect! Check out our website at if you are interested in brewing first class beer at home.

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Posted 22.10.10, 7:46 pm

Another Bold Australian - Thanks Jacqui - I'll let you know about any excess spent barley grain or hops flowers. We've found a great source for Sugarbag, the honey from native bees, in West End. We're planning a barleywine made from it!

Posted 30.08.10, 12:25 pm

Jane St Community Garden - There is a really good website focused on Native Bees at They may be have a better idea of bee keepers near you. Keep up the good work.
Posted 30.08.10, 12:00 pm

Jane St Community Garden - If you find yourself with too much spent barley grain or other supplies for your composting systems, we would be very glad to take your excess at the Jane Street Community Garden in West End.
Posted 30.08.10, 11:58 am

Another Bold Australian - Our mid-strength honey lager, Dirty Blonde, contains locally sourced bush honey. We figure a beer made in Brisbane should taste like Brisbane. If anyone knows of any bee-keepers in the Samford/Ferny Hills area, we'd love to get in touch with them!

Posted 22.07.10, 1:39 pm

Caboodle Web Design - We'd be glad to help you out with your web design needs! Contact us via our profile any time. Your profile pic keeps making me thirsty!
Posted 21.07.10, 6:46 pm

Another Bold Australian - So far we've been composting all of our spent barley grain husks into the earthworm farm and the compost bins; even at our small production level, the amount of organic matter being recycled is HUGE and all our bins are chockers! What's more exciting is that I've recently bought a Pride of Ringwood hops rhizome (a classic Australian variety) which apparantly will grow as far north as Brisbane - there's only 1 way to find out. Looks like all this compost has a target now - our massive chilli garden was quickly demolished by the local brushtails after moving to Ferny Hills; it was frustrating but who could get angry at a cute family of possums!?!

Posted 21.07.10, 5:36 pm

Another Bold Australian - Our wattage meter - which plugs into the wall socket and then you plug your appliance into it to measure its power consumption - shows that a typical desktop computer uses around 28-40W just by being plugged into the power socket (switched off and all!). That's like leaving 2-3 CFL lightbulbs turned on! We've been switching off our machines at the wall or the PSU (power supply unit) at the back of the computer box.

Posted 21.07.10, 5:23 pm

Lynette McGrory - There is a lovely elderly lady who sells large quantities at the Samford Markets every 2nd Saturday in the month. Don't buy all her honey though, because that's where I get mine!
Posted 21.07.10, 4:14 pm

Another Bold Australian - I've been checking out electric stove elements for our brewery and induction stoves seem to be the way to go! Being electric we can run them from solar power and they are 83-90% efficient compared to a traditional electric stove element's 55-60%. According to Wikipedia's typically informative article, an induction stove would use 745kJ to boil 1.9L of water (in 4m46s), while a regular electric stove would use 1220kJ (in 9m50s). They also offer almost instant temperature control (like gas does) and the element remains cool (unless a hot pot or frying pan has sat on it for a while). Induction stoves are more expensive but what's money compared to a future for life as we know it!?!

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Posted 21.07.10, 8:23 am