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Caboodle Web Design

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Display Name: Caboodle Web Design
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 32896803
Address: Samford Sustainable Business Cluster
Suburb/Town: Samford Village
State/Territory: QLD
Country: Australia
Postcode: 4520
Precinct: Samford Sustainable Business Precinct


Current pledges

  1. Buy locally and fresh
  2. Avoid packaged products

Badges Earned

Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Planting: Improving our forests and natural habitats    Buying from responsible sources    Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Transport: Walk, ride or public transport wherever possible    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    Organic: Supply organic food when catering and source organic uniforms    Energy: Use green energy and are efficient with energy use    Water: Store and use water well    Planning for a sustainable workplace    Green products produced responsibly    Sustainable workplace design    

Workplace Description:

Website design, development and hosting services

Green Wall

Caboodle Web Design -  Check out this great video

Posted 03.10.13, 9:53 am

Another Bold Australian - Gday! I need a hand with some website design soon - it'd be good to support a crew that's supporting the future!
Posted 21.07.10, 5:45 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Scott .... Jennifer signal from the Union co-op needs help with accessing her profile.... can you help?
Posted 27.04.10, 1:04 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - The new icons look great!
Posted 10.09.09, 12:49 pm

Caboodle Web Design - Our GSS went up one point this month.  I think this is due to not planting as many trees - but we have been turning off our computers and powerpoints when we're not useing them, so this has probably brought us back to a close score at least.  

Posted 03.09.09, 8:45 am

NACC Sustainability-People - Nice new header on the website... adds some colour and even more style and atmosphere. We should use it as a header-footer for media stories. Howie
Posted 27.08.09, 9:32 pm

Howard and Wendy - Looks great.... good one Steve, Caboodle, Mark and all. It will get its first outing at the Hilbrook Sustainability Day on 22 August. Howie
Posted 14.08.09

Steven - Banner turned out well. Very happy
Posted 14.08.09

Caboodle Web Design -
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Posted 14.08.09

Caboodle Web Design - Samford Green Street meeting 20/07/09
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Posted 21.07.09

NACC Sustainability-People - Great GSS score Katie and Scott.... hasn't left you too much room to improve!!! Cheers, Howie from NAC Consulting
Posted 21.07.09