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Display Name: Jane St Community Garden
Phone: 0432 178 352


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    The Jane Street Community Garden is a non-profit, community based organisation, run entirely by volunteers. We operate the diverse, organic, permaculture garden beside Davies Park on the corner of Jane Street and Montague Road in West End. It has been established for ten years, covers over 500 square metres and is now managed on a Rent A Plot system.

    Like the West End community, our volunteers cover a wide spectrum of age and cultural background. Volunteers manage their own garden plot and work together during working bees to manage the communal areas of the garden.

    The Jane Street Community Garden grows food and builds community.
    Our Mission is:
    • To grow food using sustainable principles.

    • To connect people with their food.

    • To foster the health of soil, plants, wildlife, environment, people and community.

    Contact the Garden: email: [email protected] or mobile: 0432 178 352.

    Green Wall

    Jane St Community Garden - Find us on the web at the Brisbane Local Food Website at the Jane Street Community Garden Group, to find out working bee or training dates, plots available or all the news about the garden.

    Posted 05.04.11, 2:23 pm

    Jane St Community Garden -
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    Posted 05.04.11, 2:15 pm

    Jane St Community Garden -
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    Posted 05.04.11, 2:14 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Jacqui .... I've sent a message to a list in West End and the flood help Group ... hope you get a response ... have you tried Spiral Community Hub, and the City Council. Lets know how it goes. Howard
    Posted 12.01.11, 9:43 am

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Jane Street ... good to have you on the Flood group. Could you post something onto the Group wall so people know what it is you can offer or what you need. Hope all is ok. Howard, Green Street Team
    Posted 11.01.11, 9:23 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Feel free to come for the first half Jacqui. Cheers, Howard
    Posted 20.04.10, 12:45 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Jacqui .... the workshop next week is for members of the West End Sustainble Business Cluster and you are welcome to participate. It will be held on Tuesday 27 April, 4-7pm at a venue to be confirmed today. details will be posted to the green wall for the Cluster in the next day or two. Cheers, Howard
    Posted 20.04.10, 12:04 pm

    NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Jacqui .... great to see you on Green Street. Love the the garden photo. Cheers, Howard
    Posted 20.04.10, 8:26 am