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Display Name: Braintree
Phone: 02 9977 0955
Address: 39 The Corso Avenue
Suburb/Town: Sydney
State/Territory: NSW
Country: Australia
Postcode: 2092


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The Braintree Hemp clothing range includes essential casual basics as well as classic cuts and linen look finishes. Our products create a versatile, comfortable, durable and fashionable range of garments perfect for everday wear. We base our manufacturing In China and with the supplies available have been able to develop a huge variety of fabrics including: pure hemp, organic cotton, hemp cotton, hemp rayon, bamboo cotton, soy cotton and more. Our world class designers have put us at the forefront of style and finish of hemp clothing and we’re proud to offer this line to you.

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Braintree -  At Braintree Clothing we know that the ways in which we design, create and deliver our gorgeous bamboo and hemp clothing and accessories are just as important as the look and feel of the finished garments.

Posted 30.06.15, 11:41 am