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Town & Country Pumps

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Display Name: Town & Country Pumps


Current pledges

  1. Switch lightbulbs
  2. Use energy efficient appliances
  3. Avoid packaged products

Badges Earned

Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Vege-friendly: Eat vegetables and grow lots of them    

Green Wall

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Lynne .... nice going with the Green Street Score dropping! Cheers, Howard
Posted 15.10.10, 4:58 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Lynne .... hope things are all good. Are you able to do the survey in the next couple of days, to get your Green Street Score for August? Cheers, Howard
Posted 11.09.09, 4:53 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - There's plenty doing there Lynne! Cheers, howard
Posted 27.08.09, 4:41 pm

Town & Country Pumps - Our Action Plan is as follows: Reduce the number of bulbs in selected areas.  Replace incandescent bulbs with low energy bulbs. Turning off power points at wall when selected appliances are not in use. Looking at installing window tinting on the western front of shop. Educating staff re energy reduction use in the workplace. Continuing waste management practices. Offering an increased range of eco-friendly products for sale. In our business this mostly relates to water conservation products. Also  purchasing more Australian made products where possible.     


Posted 27.08.09

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Lynne, Great to see you up on the Cluster site. Can you do the notes on your Greenwall re what you plan to do? Let's know if you need a hand with that. Cheers, Howard
Posted 27.08.09

Town & Country Pumps -
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Posted 20.08.09