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    Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Vege-friendly: Eat vegatables and grow lots of them    Organic: Eat more than 50% organic  food    Water: Store and use water well    Car pooling: One or more household members car pool to work    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    Transport: Walk, ride or public transport used most of the time    

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    Sustainable Cities Weblog

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    Brisbane to Bogota 


    Brisbane to Bogota is a narration of my journey in search of sustainable cities all across the world.  In December 2009 I will be taking a journey from my hometown of Brisbane, Australia across the globe to various cities, including Bogota in Colombia.


    On the Brisbane To Bogota weblog you can find positive examples of sustainable cities, through stories about cities that have already been transformed, cities that are in the process of sustainable urban renewal, local community groups that are rejuvenating urban space with edible landscapes and green zones. You will find examples of civic spaces that have been rejuvenated and renewed public realms that have enhanced social capital. There will be examples of gardening dissent, local people reclaiming urban space and positive stories about how people all over the world are creating changes and reclaiming their cities in positive, engaging and creative ways.



    Posted 01.11.09, 6:36 pm