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Food Connect

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Display Name: Food Connect
Phone: 07 3216 7777


Current pledges

  1. Turn off electronic devices not in use
  2. Drive Less
  3. Buy efficiently and recycle
  4. Buy locally and fresh
  5. Avoid packaged products

Badges Earned

Organic: Eat more than 50% organic  food    Vege-friendly: Eat vegatables and grow lots of them    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Car pooling: One or more household members car pool to work    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    

Workplace Description:

Food Connect is an award winning social business that works in collaboration with brilliant local farmers around Brisbane to deliver the best food in the world efficiently, affordably and equitably. Our unique distribution system is flexible, convenient and most of all healthy for you and your community. We are passionate about changing the way food is grown and distributed in this and any country where exploitation of farmers and customers is rampant.

Green Wall

Lucy Knowles - love you guys. xx
Posted 13.09.10, 10:06 pm

Food Connect - Hi everyone,

I sent Steph from 'Spiral' (Food Connect City Cousin) a Visy plastic bag recycling bag to fill with unwanted plastic bags.  Once it is full he can call Visy to pick it up or send it back to Food Connect to pass back to Visy.  

If any other businesses in our cluster are Food Connect subscribers or City Cousins (part of our usual distribution routes) and want to get a bit of support to start recycling plastic bags just let me know and I can do the same for you.  


Nev Reis 

Ph: 3216 7777 

Posted 28.04.10, 12:40 pm

NACC Sustainability-People - Hi Emma, Nev, Robert and crew .... it was great to visit the other day to see how the food actually connects :-) Thanks for the box of fruit and veg by the way. Cheers, Howard
Posted 29.03.10, 8:52 pm

Food Connect - Looking forward to the whole process and to getting to know other traders in our area!

Posted Picture
Posted 03.03.10, 10:12 pm