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  1. Turn off electronic devices not in use
  2. Buy efficiently and recycle
  3. Avoid packaged products

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Sustainable Startups SSH! - We're looking forward to meeting with our first group of startup businesses on Tuesday 19 November at the Samford Community Bank boardroom at 5.30pm. Sharing aspirations, ideas and ways to support each other as climate conscious businesses is the main thread - plus having some fun and refreshments of course! Thanks to Advance Queensland, Innovate Moreton Bay, Samford Community Bank, Samford Commons, Samford Chamber of Commerce, Moreton Bay Regional Industry and Tourism, Impact Innovation, NACC Sustainability and RDA Moreton Bay for their partnerships and support. The SSH! train is on the tracks and moving!
Posted 17.11.19, 4:51 am

NACC Sustainability-People - Nice GSS!
Posted 16.11.11, 9:39 pm

Sulinski Booth Architects -
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Posted 16.11.11, 2:33 pm