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Not Coffee

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Display Name: Not Coffee
Phone: 0420 571 241
Address: 937 Glen Huntly Road Street
Suburb/Town: Caulfield
State/Territory: VIC
Country: Australia
Postcode: 3162


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If you’re looking for a perfect coffee substitute that tastes, acts, and smells like coffee, then Not Coffee is the site you should look for. Here, we have healthy coffee alternatives and you will not have the side effects of consuming too much caffeine in normal coffee, even the decaf one.

We come up with the coffee replacements idea when thinking about how consumption of daily caffeine is ruining our health, especially for those who are suffering from hypothyroidism, high BP, anxiety, insomnia, and heart issues.

However, we still want the coffee taste, so we sell the coffee substitute that tastes like coffee but with a healthy twist. Our coffee looks rich like normal coffee without containing caffeine, stimulants, and sugars. It doesn’t create acidity, disturbance in the sleep cycle and all the side effects that you find in caffeinated coffee.

Our products:

• Not Coffee – grounded and instant
• Herbal coffee
• Chicory coffee

Our Caffeine-free coffee has the properties like:

• Contains anti-oxidants
• Heart-healthy
• Prebiotic
• Vegan and
• Consists of minerals and vitamins

Our products don’t contain caffeine, gluten, dairy, nuts or added sugars. Coming up with the idea of healthy coffee alternatives is the best decision we took to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why choose our caffeine alternatives products:

• Let you sleep better
• Contains the source of iron
• Decreases inflammation
• Improves digestive health
• Reduce anxiety
• Full of goodness

Apart from these, we also provide:

• After pay option
• Free shipping on orders above $49
• International shipping
• 8$ flat rate shipping in Australia

Don’t hesitate and switch to a caffeine-free coffee alternative today. We are sure that you will like the Not Coffee products and can make a healthy choice.

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