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Reverse Garbage

Business Details

Display Name: Reverse Garbage
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 38449744
Address: 296 Montague Road
Suburb/Town: West End
State/Territory: QLD
Country: Australia
Postcode: 4101


Current pledges

  1. Reduce flying times
  2. Plant more trees

Badges Earned

Purchasing: Low impact social and environmental purchasing    Recycle: recycle wherever possible    Vege-friendly: Eat vegatables and grow lots of them    Advocacy: Advocate in the community and workplace    Transport: Walk, ride or public transport used most of the time    

Workplace Description:

Reverse Garbage is a not for profit worker run cooperative that collects high quality industrial discards, diverting them from landfill to sell them at low cost to the general public.

Set up in 1998 to support Friends of the Earth - Brisbane, we sell a wide array of interesting and ever changing materials for re use. Whether it be art and craft, a school project, something that needs to be renovated around the home, an upcoming theatre production, we probably have materials here that you can a fraction of the price you would normally pay. We believe waste is something we DO not something that IS and strive to promote the REUSE of materials with recycling being the last option.

Green Wall

Melissa Smrecnik - I love everything you guys do! I visited your store just the other week and got very inspired to start taking on some DIY projects using recycled materials.
Posted 15.04.13, 2:22 pm

Reverse Garbage - Hi everyone, Since there's been some dicussion on composting I thought I'd show you all the Reverse Garbage compost system, this is where we dispose of all our food scraps, used tea leaves and coffee grinds, it's very sophisticated......

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Posted 25.03.10, 2:53 pm

Reverse Garbage -

Posted 25.03.10, 2:39 pm