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Display Name: GeothermNY
Phone: (585) 305-2574


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We custom design solar and geothermal systems using quality components to build residential power plants of higher performance and longer life that yield the best possible return on investment.

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GeothermNY -

Geothermal Energy, Geothermal Power Installation Rochester NY

Looking for a clean, green, cost-effective solution for heating and cooling your home? A geothermal system is your best option for unparalleled energy savings, operating efficiency and environmental impact.

  • Reduces heating cost up to 80%
  • No combustion or carbon monoxide emissions
  • Free supplemental hot water
  • Lowest maintenance cost
  • Long equipment life: 25 to 50 years
  • Even and constant temperature
  • Complete humidity control

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Posted 01.10.20, 5:15 pm